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Hotel Mobile App – Is it the next BIG move ?

By May 10, 2021May 29th, 2021No Comments
We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the hospital industry. In order to help the hotel industry, KSA software, a leading software company launched a mobile app called the Hotel App. This is a Touchless Guest Service app where the guests can avail the services of the hotel by just scanning a QR code. The Hotel App consists of many features with countless benefits for the hotel and the guests alike! 

We all know that the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected the hospital industry. In order to help the hotel industry, KSA software, a leading software company launched a mobile app called the Hotel App. This is a Touchless Guest Service app where the guests can avail the services of the hotel by just scanning a QR code. The Hotel App consists of many features with countless benefits for the hotel and the guests alike!

The Guest App

The Hotel App is a Guest Service App through which the guests can place any request for services or amenities from their mobile just by scanning a QR code. The Guest App allows the guests to access everything within the hotel premises concerning its facilities and services. It can connect the guests to your hotel staff/management through WhatsApp for better communication.

                The Guest App also helps guests to know more about the hotel and share or view promotional activities happening at your hotel. The Hotel App can significantly aid in increasing the hotel’s guest satisfaction as it helps in improving the relationship between the hotel and its guests.

The Staff App

The Hotel App has another special feature called the Staff App, which allows the hotel staff to handle requests and complaints placed by the guests. It also helps in managing the booking or schedules the appointments of the spa or restaurant. You can also track requests and orders placed by guests and leave no scope for guest dissatisfaction.

                The Staff App enables the management to respond to the queries of the guests quickly. It can also assist you in planning the employees’ schedules,  resulting in better control of hotel resources and improving turn-around time.

Management Console

The Hotel App also has a feature called the Management Console. It would solely be managed by you which would help in managing the resources of the hotel. It can also help to allocate service requests to different departments. The Guest App can be customized according to the hotel’s needs. You can also create an FAQ section about the hotel and provide informative messages to the guests using this console.

                The Management Console can send out push notifications related to promotions and messages to specific guests. It also allows the staff to track and complete pending service requests from their mobiles, increasing guest satisfaction and improving the turn-around time for service requests!

Benefits of the Hotel App

Service Requests

The Hotel App has made it very easy for the guests to request any service they want. They can request room service,  housekeeping service, spa and wellness, etc.,.The guests can gain access to the services just by scanning a QR code from their mobile phones.

               This app for guest service also helps hoteliers keep track of all the requests and complete them within their target times. The hotels can observe the pattern of the requests and increase the service for the most common and frequent demands.


No-prior Installation 

The Hotel App needs no prior installation. The guests can avail the services by just scanning the QR codes. The guests do not need to wait at the counter. Rather, they can just raise a request for the required service on the Hotel App, which would be fulfilled by the hotel staff.

                Some guests might also be reluctant to download any app as they are one-time customers and may not want to download any additional apps. The Hotel App provides an app-like experience with the simple use of a QR code.

The Touchless Dining 

Touchless dining is found within the HotelApp, helps guests to place their orders through their mobiles without the use of a physical menu card. It also allows the guests to customize their food according to their preferences. You can also customize the menu or highlight the signature dish of the day.

                The Hotel App can create a dynamic menu where you would be able to change the prices and details of items with just a click. This would allow you to eliminate the use of paper, resulting in the cutting down of brochure expenses and help in effortless management of the hotel events and activities. 


Increase Revenue

The Hotel App allows you to highlight your offers, services such as spa, restaurants, discounts, that can be easily read by your guests at their convenience. If the guests are aware of all your services, there is a higher chance that they will avail them. This will help you to increase the hotel’s revenues along with guest engagement.

                The facilities offered by the Hotel App in regards to this are more cost-effective as they don’t need to be printed with each update, eliminating the cost of printing and decreasing the hotel’s investment cost. The decline in the use of paper and printing materials decreases the expenses incurred by the establishment, making it cost-effective. 

The Digital Spa 

The contactless digital spa in the Hotel App allows the guest to book the various spa facilities and services without having to stand in queues for appointments. It increases the visibility of the on-premise spa and attracts more customers. It can also help in managing the schedule of employees so as to provide the best service for your guests.

                The Hotel App helps attract customers by putting up spa images and details .It also allows you to carry out promotions related to spa at different level.This will help you in increasing the revenue and make your brand image stronger.

Social Promotions and Virtual Tour 

In the Hotel App, there is also a section where the hotel can promote activities or display special offers helping to increase hotel revenues by reaching out to more people.

                There is also a feature whereby you can provide a virtual tour of the hotels or display a welcome message from the general manager, which would make the guest feel more comfortable and welcomed.

Raise Complaints

For the hospitality industry guest satisfaction is of utmost priority. Its never easy to satisfy and fulfill all the wants and needs of the guest no matter what. But giving the best of everything is what the industry yearns for. Keeping in mind this the Hotel App has special sections where the guests can raise their complaints or concerns.

This section in the Hotel App allows the guest to communicate with you more easily. The Hotel App helps to do this with just a click of button .You can also keep track of whether action has been taken regarding the complaints or concerns in a department-wise manner.It will also help you in how you can improve and make things better giving more space for the growth of business.

Real-time Review

The Hotel App allows the collection of real-time reviews, feedback from the guests. It is one of the best ways to improve hotel services and satisfy the guests. Your guests can give you feedback at each point of their stay. This would give you a chance to improve your services and satisfy them.

                 If the services are improved based on their feedback, guests would be impressed with your services and your hotel would gain the reputation of being customer friendly and open to feedback. But, some guests might not want to give feedback at the end due to a dissatisfying experience, which might harm the image of your hotel. Therefore, Real-time reviews can help to improve guest satisfaction.


The Hotel App has a section where you can list down all the activities that are happening within the hotel or the city. This will help the guests to engage more and spend their time getting to know the place and the hotel better.

               You can list all the activities to which your hotel provides help by detailing them in your Guest App. You can mention all the details of the activities and inform your guests. In this way, your guests can enjoy the activities!


The pandemic has taught us many things, like the importance of technology in our lives. The Hotel App was developed to be a blessing for the hotel industry during and after this dire time. Therefore, to know more about the Hotel App you can Click Here