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Service quality in the hospitality industry has become one of the crucial factors for gaining a sustainable competitive advantage and customers’ confidence in the highly competitive environment. It is thus considered as a critical success factor in the hospitality industry. A successful hotel delivers excellent quality service to customers, and a smart hotel continuously monitors service quality to sustain this competitive advantage.

Traditional methods of tracking Service Quality involves taking customer feedback, staff review etc. Such forms of monitoring come with several human biases, and the process tracks past services, which managers can only use in the future course of action. If the tracking process is held closely to service delivery, it would enable hotel managers to make changes that can improve services quickly. It would provide hotels with a significant operational advantage. Hotel App, a web-based software, is designed to enable managers to extract these benefits. Hotel App comes with three modules-

  1. Guest App– This app is the front-facing application that enables Guests to browse and access hotel services. 
  2. Staff App– This app is operated by the staff at your hotel, and helps in tracking guest service requests.
  3. Console- This is the backend application used by hotel managers to track and manage the workflow in the hotel.


Hotel App is the key to the happiness and satisfaction of your guests during their stay at your hotel. The components of the Hotel App are designed to provide integrated tracking facilities on the Go. To give your guests a contactless service through an enhanced user experience and let them know about all the services you are providing, sign up with Hotel App. Do you want to give your guests this experience? If yes, then contact the Hotel App team here