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Spas offer an established wellness experience to guests, predominantly associated with relaxation and pampering. They are home to some of the latest pioneering treatments and research into mindfulness and wellbeing.  Offering everything from perfectly tailored treatments during refreshing spa breaks to intensive boot camps educating people across a range of topics. 

But how often is a hotel able to communicate all of its facilities to its guests? Due to guests’ busy schedules/itineraries, they have little time to explore different activities offered by the hotel. Hence, hotels need to find new ways to communicate their Wellness programmes to guests effectively. What better way than to provide a Digital Menu which guests can scroll through on their smartphones anytime? This would help them browse all offerings well in advance and plan according.

Hotel App, a Touchless Guest Service App, helps hotels provide an E-menu for their Spa services, with the added advantage of increased visibility to their guests. A contactless menu benefits the spa in multiple ways:

Hotel App is the key to the happiness and satisfaction of your guests during their visit to your hotel Spa. To give your guests a contactless service through an enhanced user experience and let them know about all the services you are providing, sign up with Hotel App. Do you want to give your guests this experience? If yes, then contact the Hotel App team here.

Learn more about Hotel App here