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Contactless Restaurant Menu for Hotels -A QR code based solution

By May 5, 2021No Comments



Does your Hotel provide a dine-in service for guests? If Yes, then you may know the challenges faced by the dining services due to Covid restrictions. Covid protocols followed by the Hospitality industry have made it difficult to provide the best customer experience to your guests. This is where the Hotel App comes to the rescue! It helps to bridge the gap between the restaurant staff and customers by providing contactless QR based services like E-Menu for restaurants and Spas, check-in for hotel rooms among many others. 

Restaurant QR, a part of Hotel App, is a web-based application which allows customers to scan QR code, often placed on dining tables, through which they can easily browse the menu on their smartphones.


Hotel App is the key to the happiness and satisfaction of your guests during their dining at your restaurant. To give your guests a contactless service through an enhanced user experience and let them know about all the services you are providing, sign up with Hotel App. Do you want to give your guests this experience? If yes, then contact the Hotel App team at Hotel App