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5 SIMPLE tricks to increase hotel revenue through Hotel App

By May 5, 2021May 29th, 2021No Comments

With the coming of technology in our day-to-day life, it has become effortless and easy to carry out business. Hotel App is one such software developed by KSA software company for the hospitality industry, keeping in mind the industry trends and the ongoing pandemic. Some simple features to increase hotel revenue through Hotel App.

With the coming of technology in our day-to-day life, it has become effortless and easy to carry out business. Hotel App is one such software developed by KSA software company for the hospitality industry, keeping in mind the industry trends and the ongoing pandemic. Some simple features to increase hotel revenue through Hotel App are 

In-room Food Ordering

The Hotel App provides features from which the guests can opt for in-room dining. The guests will have access to the food menu and place orders from the comfort of their rooms. They do not have to call the restaurant- rather, they just need to select the food on the online menu and place the order. Presently, people are avoiding restaurants due to the pandemic. Therefore, this feature would enable more safety and guests can feel safe while ordering food. There would also be an increase in food orders as the online menu would enable guests to order whenever required.


You must have observed that not all the promotions reach your guest. In such cases, how do you increase your reach? The Hotel App which is a mobile app for hotels can help solve this problem. You can promote your special offers on the Main Page of the Hotel app. The Hotel App will be used by guests whenever they need to make requests to the hotel management team, making these promotions visible to the guests. Your guests will be exposed to all the promotional offers that you want to promote. This feature of the Hotel App would help increase sales.

Spa Booking

The spa booking feature allows your guests to directly check the availability at your hotel spa. The app eliminates the tedious task of calling to enquire about the availability of slots/appointments, and enquiring about the prices of the services, making it more convenient for your guests. They can view all your spa offers and packages anytime they want, which would help in increasing both guest engagement and revenues!


The Hotel App is an application that gives access to the hotel facilities to your guests with just the click of a button. Using the Hotel App, you would be able to highlight the top-selling activities and reduce brochure expenses, leading to increased sales and improved guest engagement.

Hotel Room Booking

On the main page of the Hotel App, you can provide a link for room reservations. As the link is readily available on the app, your guests can reserve a room in advance. This feature helps in increasing room bookings and also decreases the effort taken to book a room. Your guests can also request to extend their stay on your property through the app. 

The above mention is just a few tricks. But many tricks can be carried out through the Hotel App. To do so we would like to bring to your attention some few sections available in the Hotel App.

Broadcast Message & Promotions

 The Hotel App can be used to broadcast messages like a welcoming message from the general manager or virtual tour of the hotel.You can also push notification messages to specific guests that’ll help you in increasing guest engagement.The broadcast messages can be added anytime along with the message title and content.

         The  Hotel App can easily promote all of your services and facilities by displaying it on the mainpage.You can edit, add or delete the promotions and add the dates for starting and ending of promotions along with time.While a video message from the general manager is a  great way of promoting your services.It would give them the information regarding various promotions and events.Making them feel more like home.

Cut-down Printing Costs

Whenever you have any new offers, or you want to add any new service or delete the already existing ones, you have to print new brochures, and lists of services. To save all these costs, Hotel App provides the platform so that you can easily edit, add or delete any offer, service as per your needs.

Service Request report

The Hotel App has made it easier for guests to request any service like room services,housekeeping etc with a click of a button.It also helps you to  keep track of all the requests and complete them within a target time. 

       This app can also help the guests and the hotel to seek the service’s request report.This increases the guests engagement thereby increasing guests satisfaction

 Social Media Share

 In the Hotel App there is  a section where the hotel can promote activities or display special offers.It is located on the mainpage which is easily visible to  the guests while going through the Hotel App.

           The Hotel App also allows your guests to share the photos and comments of your hotel on their social media handles. Social media plays a key role While choosing a stay for vacation or travels.It  can be used as a marketing tool by the hotel enabling  customers to share promotional offers and reviews on social media with their friends and family.This will help in increasing hotel revenues and growth of the hotel by reaching out to more people

Offer Premium Services

The premium service section can also be created by using the Hotel App.You can add or delete the premium service images, names and details in the app that are offered by your hotel.

         The Hotel App also  helps the guests to avoid all the hassle of searching services like luxury car rental, airline reservations etc. This will increase the guests engagement with that of the management thereby increasing the growth of the hotel.

Mini Bar

If you have a mini bar within your hotel premises,then Hotel App can come into your aid. There is a section called mini bar in Hotel App where you can display various categories of drinks along with images. This can be accessed by the guests with a click, making it easier for them to place an order or request.

In this section, you can edit, add or delete drinks according to their availability in the hotel.You can also add mini bar-menu according to the category of the drinks and the snacks people prefer.It give you the whole room for observing which category of drinks or snacks the guest prefer more and stock up accordingly.

Digital Spa

The Hotel App can be used to build a spa menu where the guest can book various spa facilities and services without having to stand in queues for appointments. You can also attract your customers with spa images and feature your spa menu on the Home page of the app.

The Hotel App also allows you to create unlimited spa promotions and offer unique spa packages.This increases the visibility of the spa and attracts more customers. It can also help you in managing the schedule of employees so as to provide the best service for your guests.

Important links 

There is also a section in the Hotel App where you can display the important links regarding the hotels in the  mobile phones.THis links can be edited, add or delete based on their uses or time.

In this section you can add something about your hotel,so that the guest will get to know the hotel in better way.Even the links for phone directory or FAQ can also be added in this section.This section is on the main page of the app, making it more visible to guests.

Handling of Complaints 

In the hospitality industry, guest satisfaction is of utmost importance. When your guests have concerns or complaints, they want an easy way to communicate them. The Hotel App allows the guest to state the complaint with just a click on their mobile.

The Hotel App also made it very easy for you to track the complaint according to the departments.It also allows you to keep track of the incoming complaints and resolve them at the earliest resulting in guests satisfaction.

Service Request

The Hotel App has made it easy for the guest to avail of the services of the hotel simpler.Just with a click of a button, the guests can request room services, housekeeping, amenities etc . This not only increases guest satisfaction but also helps in increasing guest engagement.

The Hotel App allows you to keep track of the services that are completed or pending. This can helps in the utilization of the hotel resources in a proper manner. Along with you can observe and take note of the services that are frequency of the services required which can help in the growth of the hotel.

The app for the hotel was launched to build the relationship between the guest and the hoteliers and increase the revenue of the hotel by mitigating the use of traditional management methods. To know more about the Hotel App and its features, Click Here.